About the initiative

ARTakeaway is an initiative aiming to create a vivid dialogue between artists and the general public. Its purpose is to bring contemporary art closer to the general audience, especially by taking the works out of their natural habitat of gallery walls. The creators are looking for places where art can resonate and establish new contexts that challenge the artists and the audiences. 

ARTakeaway also aims to expand the possibilities of displaying the pieces beyond the gallery “white cubes”,

where they may seem rigid. It strives to put together an exhibition that views the act of art installation as art in itself – a performative overlap. This creates a sort of a collective experience, or co-experience, and the exhibition thus becomes an event. The initiative is particular about selecting the artists and approaching possible leads across generations and experiences. The creators also emphasize that the project is multi-genre and interdisciplinary and try to approach artists working with different media and coming from different art spheres.