Conception 2020

„Nacházíme se v době, kdy jsme se vypuzeni z veřejného prostoru uzamkli do toho soukromého. Byt nebo pokoj se staly naším útočištěm, bunkrem, schovkou. Pohyb po ulicích jsme omezili na minimum, a každá procházka se tak stává svátkem. Míjíme okna a snažíme se zachytit něco ze života lidí za nimi. Šmírujeme schované světy a doufáme, že uvidíme něco, co nás nadzvedne, vzruší, stimuluje. Ve výlohách zkoumáme vlastní odraz, cizí příběhy, ale i ulici za námi. Kdo se v tu chvíli dívá a kdo je pozorovaný?

“We are in a time when we have locked ourselves out of the public space and into the private one. The apartment or the room has become our refuge, our bunker, our hiding place. We have kept our movement on the streets to a minimum, and every walk becomes a holiday. We pass windows and try to catch a glimpse of the life of the people behind them. We peer into hidden worlds, hoping to see something that will lift us up, excite us, stimulate us. In the windows we examine our own reflection, other people’s stories, and the street behind us. Who is watching and who is being watched? The shop window as a locked yet open space. Within reach, but whose world cannot be touched through the thick glass. Another intimacy in a world where touch has become dangerous.” We believe that the possibilities of exhibition in a space that we now only use to go to work or to shop are limitless and constantly evolving.

We have taken works from the gallery environment and placed them in the context of window displays that have the primary function of offering, of selling. However, a lot of shop windows cannot fulfil their function at the moment under the current arrangements. Artists and businesses are on the edge of existence. These worlds have therefore come together. Over 30 artists will occupy the windows, windows and balconies in Holešovice and Letná. The exhibition includes objects, paintings, prints, video installations, photography, sound and performance. The exhibition can be started from three different starting points: metro Vltavská, Čechova Street and Dukelských Hrdinů Street. It is designed in such a way that the visitor can choose to walk through it with or without a map, which is available on our website. For a more intense experience, we recommend the version without the online map – for each work you will find instructions on where to find the next work. The exhibition also includes variously placed QR codes with audio material.